Environmental Commitment

Eureka: Committed to a Sustainable Future

At Eureka, we work hard every day to do our part in creating a sustainable future, to put our concern for the environment into practice.

Our design philosophy is consumer-driven. We continually strive to develop products that improve the quality of our customers’ lives. We also evaluate the environmental impact these products may have.



Increasing the energy efficiency of our products is a top priority.

The new, innovative Eureka envirovac® uses 33 percent less energy* than a standard upright vacuum without sacrificing performance. Plus, the envirovac’s filter is washable and reusable; its packaging is 100 percent recycled cardboard.


Several other Eureka vacuums, including the Boss SmartVac™ and Capture+™, feature sealed HEPA systems, which reduce motor carbon emissions over non-sealed systems.


Our Eureka Quick-Up, an energy-efficient, battery-charged and operated stick vacuum, earned a coveted ENERGY STAR® rating, which means potential savings on utility bills.

We’ve also teamed up with ARM & HAMMER® to design vacuum bags and filters that eliminate odors without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.


Eureka, now and in the future, will continue to think about potential consequences to the environment when developing all of our products.


*A typical full-size upright uses 12 amps, envirovac™ uses 8 amps.




Every day at Eureka, we make changes that make a difference.


Recent alterations to our product packaging allow us to increase the number of units per truck, reducing the impact of transporting our products.


Eureka is also in the process of reducing or eliminating styrofoam in many of our packages. The practice of eliminating styrofoam has many advantages including:

- Lessening the amount of non-biodegradable waste materials
- Reducing damage to our products, keeping them out of the waste stream
- Preserving the resources used in manufacturing products



Supply Chain:

It's extremely important that our suppliers share our concern for the environment and that we do our part as well.


As such, Eureka has joined the SmartWaySM Transport Partnership, a voluntary collaboration between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the freight industry designed to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.


In addition, Eureka has high ethical standards that must be met by suppliers before the Eureka name is placed on a product, including:


  • - Materials

  • - Components

  • - Services by other companies


Our Supplier Monitoring and Compliance Program ensures that our suppliers are fully transparent and engaged in our corporate Code of Conduct.


Recycling is a way of life at Eureka’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Recycling bins are positioned in every workstation and common area throughout the building.


Our recycling company, Midwest Fiber, estimates that we recycle an average of 190 gallons of comingled bottles weekly. In addition, they estimate they pick up on average 285-380 gallons of paper per week. These materials are diverted from local landfills every week of the year.




Reducing energy consumption in our operations is a key part of Eureka’s responsibility toward a less carbon-intensive world.

Eureka-owned factories and facilities monitor energy consumption as part of our overall environmental management.

Energy-saving measures include:

- Reducing equipment running time
- Stopping leaks in compressed air process
- Encouraging employees to turn off machines and lights when not in use

Recycling is a way of life at Eureka’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Recycling bins are positioned in every workstation and common area throughout



Being environmentally sound and socially responsible is a cornerstone of Eureka’s operational performance and an essential part of our brand identity.


By maintaining a thoughtful approach to these challenges, we intend to keep our focus on a sustainable future.