AirSpeed® Rewind AS1049A

Model Number: AS1049A

Color: Black and Spritz Green

  • AirSpeed® Technology
  • Whirlwind® Cyclonic Technology
  • Automatic Cord Rewind

Moves More Air. Removes More Dirt®.
Proven to Clean Carpets Better Than Dyson DC25 and DC41 for Less Than 1/2 the Price*

AirSpeed® Technology -- Unlike other vacuums, AirSpeed® Technology has two smooth tubes featuring limited bends and turns.  This allows more air to pass through the vacuum.  The direct air path from floor to cup decreases the distance for dirt to travel, which increases the amount of airflow for powerful suction.  For attachment cleaning, simply set the suction control dial to "tools."

Hassle-Free – A combined 12 foot hose and wand plus a 27 foot cord create 39 feet of extended cleaning reach so you can clean your whole home quicker and easier.  The automatic cord rewind rewinds the cord effortlessly for quick and easy storage.  Plus, a flip-bottom dust cup empties easily without the mess.

WhirlWind® Cyclonic Technology -- Eureka has engineered AirSpeed® Rewind with powerful, WhirlWind® Cyclonic Technology.  This 2-stage cyclonic dust collection system maintains suction power as you vacuum your home.  And the flip-bottom dust cup empties easily without a mess.

AirSpeed® Rewind is exclusive to Walmart

*Based on a comparison between (a) regular MSRP of Eureka SuctionSeal™ and Dyson DC25 and DC41 vacuums as of November 2011 (b) independent lab tests using industry standard ASTM F608 test, measuring embedded dirt removal from carpeting.

Λ When compared to noncyclonic vacuums having dirt cup filters.