Cleaning Up New York

When a diva doesn’t want to ruin her shoes with the muck of SoHo, Eureka comes to the rescue. Our FloorRover vacuumed the sidewalks of SoHo, videos flooded social media and we went viral instantly. Search for the video on youtube “eureka vacuum soho sidewalk”

Eureka vacuum Soho sidewalk
  • We are there with you.

    We design because she's two. We innovate because he showed up early. We engineer because Max is hungry. We create because cleaning should be easy. We do all of this because... we're there with you.


PowerPlush for the Unexpected Messes

Imagine seeing elephants loose around Chicago. Yikes!
Now imagine cleaning up an elephant-sized mess, double yikes.
Oh wait, but you have a Eureka vacuum, it’ll be no sweat.

Can your vacuum do all that and more?
Only if you have a Eureka.
The Eureka Clean Promise
As your reliable cleaning partner, we pledge to always provide you with vacuums that offer performance, quality and value.

Providing high quality cleaning products for over 100 years isn't just a promise, it's what we live by. Our teams of engineers and quality specialists continually work to test and improve our product offerings so you have a great cleaning experience.

Eureka History from 1909 to 2017 Eureka History from 1909 to 2017

This '80s animation was so cutting edge.

Ha! Remember when we needed a “Moth Control Stanitor” feature?

Five Great Eurekas serving every cleaning purpose
  • Model 2315 aka "the Avocado" model.
  • Was someone else going to clean? Because that would be a gift.
  • Cleaning shag carpets by day, so you could go disco dancing at night.
  • Whao. This retro ad should definitely be viewed under a black light.

Over 100 years of inspiration, innovation, and inventions.
Here’s to 100 more!

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