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The Eureka NEN200C bagged canister vacuum offers a powerful clean for your whole home, including on both carpets and hard floors. The patented 'maze noise reduction system' performs well without disturbing you and your family. With 26.6ft of extended reach, you can easily clean above the floor and in tight corners.

  • Whole Home Cleaning

    Brushroll controls for a supDeep cleans carpets, hard floor and area rugserior cleaning experience on all flooring types

  • Powerful but Quiet Vacuum

    Eureka's patented 'Maze Noise Reduction System' provides strong suction power-1,200W at low noise level-70db.

  • Above Floor Cleaning

    Quick release handle and 26.6 ft of extended reach for easy above floor cleaning

  • 5-Speed Suction Control

    Simply press the '-/+' button located on the vacuum to run it over different surfaces

Available Retailers

Suction Control

The LED display provides clear visibility of the suction level. For optimal results, use maximum suction for hard floors and reduce power for curtains or lightweight fabrics.

Friendly to Your Pets

Eureka's patented ‘Maze Noise Reduction System’ with optimized motor design includes a 'silence sponge set' that slows down the airspeed and 'absorbs the noise'. The result is an ultra-quiet, peaceful experience for you and your family.

Combination Floorhead

Ideal for both hard floor and low-pile carpet. A foot switch allows you to switch between hard floor and carpeting with ease. Equipped with crevice tool and dusting brush, it is easy to clean ceilings, tight space and more.

Convenient to Park and Store

You can easily clip the floor nozzle onto the body of the vacuum cleaner when you want to pause during cleaning. With its compact size and lightweight, the vacuum can be stored easily into the cabinet without taking too much space.

Lock Latch

Equipped with a lock latch that keeps everything in place securely.

Washable HEPA Filter

Eureka's washable HEPA filter provides 11 separate layers of filtration that capture the finest dust particles of dust from your home, leaving a purified, fresh air-excellent for asthmatics or allergy sufferers.

6 Dust Bags Provided

Eureka NEN200C comes with 6 high-filtration textile bags.

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Optima Canister

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Product Weight

12.1 lbs



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Motor Wattage

1,200 W



Cord Length

26.6 ft

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Washable HEPA Filter

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