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Keeps floors clean and carpets dry

The E10s raises its mop 10mm above the floor to clean efficiently. Thanks to ultrasonic carpet detection, the E10s can effectively detect carpets and rugs and lift the mop to prevent them from getting wet. The mop is also raised to make it easier to cross doorsteps. When it returns to the charging base to recharge, raising the mop by 10mm ensures that the floor you just mopped remains completely clean.


Raises the mop when returning to the charging station to keep floors clean.


Easier to overcome doorsteps by lifting the mop.

Efficient navigation with LiDAR

Using LiDAR navigation, the Eureka E10s quickly maps your home and identifies cleaning areas. Planning its cleaning routes and moving in clean rows allows for efficient cleaning and effective navigation.

Effective vacuuming

Effortlessly removes hair, dirt, dust, and other contaminants throughout your home. A suction power of 4,000 Pa ensures robust cleaning of dirt, pet hair, and even crumbs - without wasting energy or creating excessive noise. With four suction levels and an automatic suction boost on carpets, the ElOs vacuums your floors effectively and refreshingly clean.

Dedicated app for customized cleaning

Tell the E10s exactly how to clean with the dedicated Eureka robot app. Schedule cleaning, set up a virtual wall, perform spot cleaning, set no-go zones, create multiple floor maps, or adjust cleaning settings right from your phone.

  • Cleaning schedules

    Set days and times when you want your robot to vacuum and mop to return home to freshly cleaned floors. 

  • Virtual wall

    Interact with the map to create a virtual wall that keeps your robot away from rooms you don't want to clean or rooms you do want to clean. 

  • Multi-floor mapping

    Create and save multiple maps to clean the upper floors of your home without re-mapping.

  • No-go zones

    Create no-go zones to keep E10s away from problem areas, such as: B. areas full of cables or play areas.

Extended cleaning.
Extended range

With up to 180 minutes of continuous use on a single charge, the E10s provides effective and efficient cleaning for most homes. 

Cleaning is no longer a problem

The E10s can be used anywhere. In addition to the LiDAR on the top, which scans the surrounding area over a large area, the E10s detect nearby obstacles with multiple lasers emitted from side-mounted PSDs (Position Sensitive Detectors). Dark objects are recognized particularly well.

  • Edge detection & Fall prevention

    Edge detection & Fall prevention

  • 30 Sensor Array & Edge detection & Cliff sensors