Eureka has been working hard to make cleaning easier for over 100 years.

Your toddler has spilled their breakfast for the umpteenth time; you instinctively grab your Eureka vacuum to deal with the explosion of cereal. On your way to grab your favorite vac, you ever stop and think, “Hey, what’s Eureka been up to?”

Well, we’ve been working on perfection since 1909, that’s over 100 years dedicated to ideas and innovations. With that much time under our belts, you can trust our vacuums to make your house look brand-spanking new.


Over 100 Years of Innovation

Founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan Eureka vacuums have been in American's homes for more than a century. Now we're building on that experience with innovative cleaning technology to help you clean for years to come.

Pepole Who May Need Us


For the Unexpected Messes

Imagine seeing elephants loose around Chicago. Yikes! Now imagine cleaning up an elephant-sized mess, double yikes. Oh wait, but you have a Eureka vacuum, it’ll be no sweat.

A look back through the decades.

Eureka has been at the forefront of cleaning innovations and technology for over 100 years. We are serious about cleaning. But, that doesn't mean we can't take a look back and laugh a little at how much things have changed.

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